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Gatewood to remain open:

 I commend Mr. Butcher for finding a way to get the state to allow keeping Gatewood open for at least next year.  This temporarily stops the cycle of putting the burden of facilities and budget issues on the  youngest students like Fayette County has done for years, however,  it should be realized that in order to do so, and still balance the budget, student services and staffing are going to be reduced in some way throughout the county. 

Until Fayette County as a whole comes to a long term solution that moves the system forward, the situation will be the same or worse next year.

Click here for press release on Gatewood


 UPDATE: The State Board voted to remove Meadow Bridge High School from the CEFP. 


The State is about to vote to make Fayette County keep a high school open.  They have stood in the way of Fayette County moving forward for three years now.  Here is what happens.  

Check out the budget for FY13.  Know what happens when Fayette County goes in the red this year?  I am told professional positions for all schools get cut so facilities can remain open.

Does this make sense to anyone but Gayle Manchin? This was handed to the FC Board at tonight's meeting.

FCBOE General Fund FY2013

FCS Efficiency study fiscal year ending 6-30-2009 to 6-30-2013.pdf

Fayette County Schools is working to save money everywhere possible.

Fayette County Savings


CEFP Amendment to Keep Meadow Bridge Open

As Directed by Gayle Manchin and to be voted on at the October 9, 2013 State Board Meeting

Link to the October 9, 2013 State Board meeting agenda click here

Link to the October 7, 2013, Fayette County Board of Education agenda

Curriculum Comparison of MBHS, FHS, and MTHS to a school merger at MTHS

Curriculum Comparison of Summers Co. and Greenbrier West to a school merger at MTHS


Fayette Co. Capital Improvement Plan 2013-2022

Fayette County Facility Status Report Sept. 3, 2013 presented By Ron Cantley

Fayette County Facility Status Report Sept. 3, 2013 Pictures

(This is a large file)



April 10, 2013 

Speech delivered to the State Board

Leon Ivey

Facility Report May 2013 click here

Facility Report Project costs per student and attendance area

CEFP 1990-2020 click here

Cost of implementing current CEFP Click Here




Welcome to my website.

As a lifelong resident of Fayette County, it is a great honor to serve on our Board of Education. I am grateful for the opportunity to work on behalf of you and your families, and thankful for your support.

My wife, Jennifer, and I are both products of Fayette County schools and our children, Jake and Julia, presently attend our county's public schools.

Fayette County is facing challenging times. Nothing illustrates this better than the fact that our school system is under State Board of Education control.  

State intervention in our school system had been threatened since 1999, and came as a direct result of Fayette County's facility and staffing problems. Among other issues, we simply had too many schools for the number of students attending, according to state mandated formulas. Most recent attempts to address these problems failed locally, which prompted the eventual takeover of our county school system and forced long threatened school closures to become reality.

Even under current conditions, we must continue to fight for issues like:

- School safety

- Upgrades to our current facilities

- Enhanced programs within our current facilities

- Regaining local control of our school system

With your support I will continue to fight for the best possible school system for our students, teachers, staff and administrators by listening to all options and working towards the best solution available.

 Many good things have happened for the Fayette County school system during my four years in office.  I have included a Positive Progress Page on this site. The new page has links to the detailed progress being made in Fayette County attendance areas, as well as the overall system. 

 Thank you for visiting this website. Please take a moment browsing this site to learn more about the important issues facing our school system and how you can become involved. Check back often for news and updates.

Your comments are welcome. Please contact me with your questions, comments and suggestions at: info@leonivey.com.

It has been a privilege to receive such strong support in the past and I thank you for your continued support. 



Leon Ivey


To keep the lines of communication open,
I will keep this website up.  Please feel free 
to contact me.